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Discover the best smart watch for girls to purchase in Pakistan

There are thousands of different smart watches in the world, fit for everyone and fulfilling their needs. With the extended world of technology, you can expect all technological gadgets for everyone, of all sizes. Hence, if you are looking for a smart watch for girls, then we are here to help you find the right one.

Top 4 smart watch for girls 

Here, we will uncover all the best brands that you can look into when buying smart watches for girls. Whether you are looking for a smart watch that is made for fitness tracking or presents a stylish outcome, you will find your ideal watch from this list. So, keep on reading to find out the ideal options that you have to give a smart watch to your loved one!

  • Apple Watch Series 9 

There is no doubt that Apple has some of the best and most popular products in the world. Everyone is on the catch to get an Apple product whether it is their Mobile phone, AirPods, laptop, computer, or smart watch. Without considering the highest level of popularity, The Apple smart watch for girls is the best and the top option. The Series 9 consists of all the fascinating elements that you can use. 

From keeping track of your fitness levels to providing you with notifications just like your phone, it has all the functions built-in. Moreover, it has improved battery life. This means you can use this watch all day without worry. You will just need to charge it a bit and it will give you high performance throughout the day with ease. 

It consists of a great wireless connection as well. Hence, if your phone is kept far away from the watch, it will still be connected. Including 5G capabilities and seamless interaction, you will surely be fascinated by its working. It has a smooth outlook as well giving a lavish and elegant appearance whenever and wherever you wear it. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Focusing on health, this watch will be your best friend in providing you with information such as your heartbeat, steps taken, ECG, blood pressure, and much more. You can easily rely on this watch to give you the best fitness and health tracking. Samsung watches have been on the top trend as well due to their high performance and sophisticated look. 

It has 16 GB of storage and 1.5 GB RAM which is an ideal setting for a smart watch. The design of this watch is aesthetic and available in a ton of colors, making it the best fit for girls. Moreover, you can easily connect this smart watch to your phone and receive all the notifications and calls. 

The weight of this watch comes at 33.3 grams which is great for all of the functions that it performs.. With a long-lasting battery and flawless screensavers, it is a great choice for girls of all ages without a doubt. 

  • Google Pixel Watch 

The Google phones have been topping all the other brands in Pakistan. This has also contributed to the watches that they manufacture. It is a known fact that all Google gadgets are immensely durable and highly reliable with a ton of features, even for children. It comes at 36 grams which is easy to wear. 

Furthermore, it has 32 GB RAM and supports 4G LTE functioning. The Google Pixel Watch comes with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity as well making it the strongest. It further has great GPS signals as well which makes traveling around easy for the user. The watch focuses on all aspects but majorly, to provide the user with flawless display whenever you turn it on. 

The grandest element about this watch is the pixels. It has a 1.2-inch display and consists of 384x384 pixels with an AMOLED display making it stand out from the rest of the watches. Hence, not only are you getting amazing Bluetooth connectivity but, the best display with vibrant colors. 

  • Huawei Watch 3 Pro

This watch comes with ultimate features making it best for swimmers. It is waterproof and can take an ocean depth of 50 meters. It comes with great GPS signals as well, making it great for travelers. Moreover, it has 16 GB of storage which is low compared to the rest but comes with other great functions. 

It has an amazing display as it comes with a 466x466 pixel display showcasing vibrant colors and clear details. It further has 5.2 Bluetooth connectivity which grants easy and quick pairing. Hence, you will have an easy mode of working at all times with this Huawei watch.            

This watch comes at 63 grams. It further comes in 2 colors of titanium gray and brown with leather straps, making it have a lavish outlook and easy wearability. 


If you are looking for a smart watch for girls to give as a gift for their birthday or any other event, these are the top branded smart watch for girls in Pakistan. You will be able to get them easily with top-notch quality and functioning. All of these watches are great to use daily or for any other activity. 

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Can I choose the Apple watch in any color?

Yes, you can avail of the Apple watch in any color that is available. It also comes with customizable straps. 

Can I pay through cash on the delivery method?

Yes, we accept COD payment methods as well as bank transfers and credit or debit cards.

Is there a warranty that comes with smart watches?

All our customers will receive a warranty card upon their parcel of smart watches.

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