Infinix New Model 2024

Gain the Ultimate Knowledge of Future Technology- Infinix New Model 2024

The advanced world makes it harder to get an ideal mobiles due to the thousands of options available. However, with the numerous options available, some people just choose instantly. If you are looking for a phone that has all the features you envision, the Infinix new model 2024 is your next best choice. 

Infinix has been a top choice in Pakistan since it has proven to provide users with the ultimate features. There are newer versions that keep launching with better enhancements. Hence, in this article, we will take a look at the new version of the Infinix mobile phone of 2024 but first, let's begin with where it all started. 

The beginning of Infinix

The beginning of Infinix

2013 was the great year in which Infinix was launched into the world of technology. In the start, as every company experiences, Infinix was hit by some rocks from the society due to its lacking features. Infinix is a company that started in Hong Kong with an aim to create innovative and cutting-edge technology. However, its main aim was to keep its range affordable so that it could be accessible to a wider society with ease. 

The first series that was launched by Infinix was the Hot Note. In 2016, Infinix changed its strategy a bit to fit into the fashion-advanced world of technology with its ongoing expansion to this date. You will find all sorts of newer versions of Infinix mobile phones with additions that make them fit for modern-day society, Now, Infinix has a list of different series which includes:

  • Zero series
  • Note series
  • Hot series
  • Smart Series
  • GT series 
  • Laptops 

Explore the Infinix new model 2024

Explore the Infinix new model 2024

Throughout the years, Infinix has proved to be a worth-it phone company that can manufacture top-notch ideal phones with smart and fashionable elements. Not only are the Infinix phones available with advanced features but, they have elegant designs with a touch of luxuriousness. The Infinix new model 2024 was launched at the start of the year and has already created a super fan base. This launch contains 3 phones:

  • Smart 8
  • Smart 8 Plus
  • Smart 8 Pro

Get to know about each phone by reading below.

Smart 8

The smart 8 was launched on January 13, 2024. This Infinix new model comes with an octa-core processor with 2 cameras. The main camera is single with 50 MP whereas the selfie camera is also single and comes with 8MP. 

The front of the phone is sleek with a glass display and a plastic frame for the back. You can get this phone in numerous colors such as rainbow blue, galaxy white, shiny gold, and timber black. The height of this phone is 6.44 inches and the width of 2.98 inches. Moreover, the phone is lightweight so it is easy to hold and take anywhere you go. 

Smart 8 Plus

The launching date of the Smart 8 Plus was January 29th, 2024. The features of this phone are similar to the Smart 8 with a main camera of 50 MP and a selfie camera of 8MP.  The display of this phone is 6.6 inches and offers higher resolution with quick action touch. Gain some amazing quality pictures with the camera of the Smart 8 Plus. 

This phone consists of a fingerprint scanner on the side, an accelerometer, proximity as well a compass. The Smart 8 Plus has a bigger dimension of height compared to the Smart 8 with faster functionality. Moreover, the battery of this phone is 6000mAh which is non-removable. It provides fast charging and has dual sims for those who want 2 sims for business work and personal information. 

Smart 8 Pro

The Smart 8 Pro is the Infinix new model 2024 that everyone has been waiting for. It was launched on the 29th of January 2024. Moreover, it is operable on numerous networks that work worldwide, making it adjustable to all areas and countries of the world. 

It further has dual SIM and autofocus primary camera which gives you the best portrait shots. Moreover, the design of this phone consists of a glass front and comes in rainbow blue, galaxy white, shiny gold, and timber black. It has 10 W fast charging with a microSD card slot. It runs on the Android 13 Go Edition and it is optimizable with the latest operating system to provide unique features. you can also explore other article about redmi new model 2024.

The price points of the new Infinix model 2024

The prices of the Infinix new model are pricey due to the latest launch. However, it is said that the prices are best fit for the phone's functionality and features that it offers. Hence, the Infinix new model 2024 price in Pakistan is:

  • Smart 8 - RS. 24,400
  • Smart 8 Plus - RS. 30,500
  • Smart 8 Pro - RS. 30,500

The prices range to fit within the higher and middle classes in Pakistan. There are numerous phones that come within these prices but do not offer the right features. Therefore, Infinix provides exclusive deals for customers to provide them with the ultimate experience in clicking pictures, storing memories, and connecting to the outside world. 


You can easily get your hands on the latest models of Infinix mobile phones. If you are someone who looks for innovation, advance features, and strong designs, then this is your go-to phone. With highly reasonable prices and great technological features, expect to be a lucky one holding this phone. 

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Which is the best Infinix new model phone to purchase in 2024?

You can opt for the Smart 8 Plus as it has the highest range of battery with quality camera and latest features available. 

Does Infinix have other series?

Yes, there are numerous series that Infinix has which you can avail such as the Hot series, Note series etc. 

How do I know which Infinix phone is best for me?

You should look at the features that the phone offers and compare it with your needs. If it fulfills your needs and wants, that phone will be your best friend.

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