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Buy Infinix Power Bank Price in Pakistan- Long-Term Affordable Solution 

Infinix is a leading company in Pakistan that manufactures mobile phones, earbuds, power banks are tons of other mobile phone accessories. They have been in the top lead for affordable products in Pakistan especially their reasonable Infinix power bank price in Pakistan. Infinix stores some of the best solutions for customers in Pakistan. Due to the high inflation level, it has been a hardship to get any electronic device that works perfectly. Hence, if you were on a hunt to find a good power bank then Infinix has got your back.

The range of Infinix power bank price in Pakistan 

The range of prices of the Infinix power banks vary. They come with exclusive features that make them different from the rest of the power banks. Therefore, you can easily get in hand with these power banks at any time. Infinix is top-leading not only in Pakistan but in numerous other countries. This makes Infinix highly reliable when it comes to technology. Hence, their power banks start off from Rs.2300 and increase with the features list. Take a look at the different models of Infinix all latest power bank

Infinix XP04

This power bank is the lowest priced. It comes at Rs,2299 and has a capacity of 10,000 mAh power. The weight of this power bank is 217 grams.

Infinix XP07 

This power bank holds the same capacity of 10,000 mAh but has 22.7 W of power. Hence, this is a newer version and comes at a littler higher price than the Infinix XP04.

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