How to Connect Smart Watch with Mobile - Top 3 Ways

How to Connect Smart Watch with Mobile - Top 3 Ways

There are numerous different smart watches that you will find within the modern market today. Every company has come up with its very own smart watch platform for users including the latest features. With the long list, “how to connect smart watch with mobile” is a common question. Hence, it might be a hard choice to purchase your ideal one as the newest ones are hard to avoid. If you are worried that your new smart watch is not connecting to your phone properly then take a look at these 3 methods. 

How to connect smart watch with mobile - Reasons for difficulty

As there are different versions of various smart watches, each of them functions differently. Every brand has a unique way of making an impression on customers so that they gain a fanbase. Therefore, the method of connecting your smart watch to your mobile is all the same but through different applications. Some of them just have different criteria that you need to fill out before it connects. Hence, to ease your worries, we have listed some ways how to connect smart watch to phone. You can follow all of these steps and methods to see which one would be suitable for your smart watch and phone. 

Method 1

This method goes for Samsung Galaxy smart watches or any Android smart watch that you have. Charging the smartwatch is the first step to power it on and perform other steps. It is suggested that you charge your smartwatch to its fullest before connecting it to your phone.

When you are done with charging, install the galaxy wearable app on your phone. You can find this amazing application on the play store by simply searching it. While opening you will see an orange icon which will have the word “wear” written on it. Click on open it and proceed further. 

Tap on starting the journey or get started. After this, the app will show you some options. You should click on the smart watch model and give permission by tapping allow. You will see a code on the display of your smartwatch and phone screen as well that helps you connect both the devices with each other much more easily.

See if the codes match and if they do, then click on pair or connect. If your smart watch model is not Samsung to be exact, it will tell you to download another app. 

After downloading that app, follow the instructions that it tells you. When you are done with all of these steps in the correct manner, your smartwatch will be connected successfully to your phone. 

Method 2

Another way how to connect smart watch with mobile is by using the WearOS App. If you have any other smart watch, whether of a brand or not, this will work perfectly for you. A lot of smart watches can easily be connected with this app. 

After the app installation is completed on your phone, you can turn your watch on and wait for a few seconds, then a message will appear on the screen. Follow the instructions that the watch says. Click on the tap to begin and then choose the language and other settings. 

Open to launch the app and then click on start setup. The app will then ask you to share your information. You can either agree or disagree. 

After this, your smart watch name will appear on the screen which you can pair after confirming the code. 

Method 3

The third method how to connect your smart watch to your phone is by downloading the Mi Fit app. This is the best solution for all other kinds of smart watches that are of different brands. This app is easily available on the play store and you can download it for free in a single tap.

Once the app is downloaded, you should turn on your Bluetooth mode and wait for your smart watch to pair. Before turning on the Bluetooth, ensure that your smartwatch is discoverable by turning it on. 

Go to pairing mode and tap on Get Started. Find the name of your smartwatch in the list of visible bluetooth devices in the bluetooth settings on your phone. Usually, the phone connects with the watch on its own but you may have to select it for the first time. If you still have issues with the connection, you can ask for a code.

After verifying the code, you can tap on pair to connect your smart watch to your phone. you can also explore the related content like top 10 smart watches in Pakistan.


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How do I set up my smart watch?

You can set up your smart watch by looking at the 3 methods given above. Also, take a look at the instructions provided that come with your smart watch so that you can follow along and connect it rightly. 

How do I disconnect my smart watch from my phone?

You can easily disconnect your smart watch from your phone by turning off the Bluetooth on your phone. Click on confirm and then your smart watch will be disconnected. 

Will my smart watch show me notifications?

Yes, once you connect your smart watch to your phone and allow it to send notifications, you will receive them. You can also receive phone calls if you give it access permission.

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