Sharing personal information

Shopkitor always ensures to protect all the different kinds of personal information that is being provided to our website. We collect personal information from our site in numerous different forms. Filling in newsletter forms, accepting our services, and purchasing items from our website are some of the numerous ways how your data is collected. 

 The personal information that we collect includes your name, email, age, gender, postal address, account ID, and phone number. All of this information is given to us voluntarily by the customer. However, if there is a service that you want to proceed with on our website that requires your personal information, you may not be able to gain that service if you wish not to provide us with the information needed. 

 We are committed to providing some of the best services to all of our customers while assuring your personal data is kept within the boundaries of our website. We keep your personal data safe by utilizing secure databases. 

How we use your personal information  

Your personal information is mainly asked when you are going to purchase an item from Shopkitor, choose a particular service, or when you are accepting our newsletter. Hence, we use your personal information with links to our website and business only. Your personal information is not given or used for any other means. 

We solely collect your personal information for the below-given means:

  • To provide you with information about our new products or services being offered.
  • To provide you with good customer help support.
  • To improve our services and products by knowing your interests.
  • To complete transactions for purchases.
  • To send you notifications of any changes made to our website.
  • To send and extend advertisement.
  • To improve website experience.

Collecting non-personal information  

Shopkitor analyzes all kinds of information which is non-personal. Your non-personal data includes your device information. This may include different aspects such as your IP address, geographical location, what device you are using, your operating system, internet access, your browsing history, metadata, and other things. 

 Your non-personal data is collected to provide you with the accurate items or services that you are looking for. It gives us an overall idea of what you need which helps us in presenting you with the best match of your interest. 


Shopkitor uses cookies for the main purpose of enhancing the user experience on our website. Cookies also allow us to capture some non-personal information such as the ones mentioned above. It also helps to keep a record of your information for the next time that you visit our website. You will get a notification that cookies are being used. The user has the right to either accept cookies or refuse them. If the user refuses the cookies, they might experience the website not functioning properly. 

The information that is collected by cookies is stored on your hard drive, not on our website. Cookies do not steal any other information from your hard drive or cause any other harm. It analyses the searches and helps you get to the right site that best fits your interest. Hence, we use cookies on our website and ensure that an alert is given to our users whenever they visit our website. 

How we protect your personal data  

We are aware of the worry users have while providing their personal information. However, with Shopkitor, you do not have to worry about your personal information being sent to third parties without your consent. We use some of the best databases and highly secure platforms to keep your personal information safe. 

We have strict measures and advanced security features that help to store your personal information in safe environments. Moreover, we do not share, trade, or sell your personal information to others. 


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