Get to know all kinds of Nokia keypad all mobiles with their features

Get to know all kinds of Nokia keypad all mobiles with their features

It is a struggle to regain brand strength once it has been lost, especially in the electronics market. There are newer features that arise every day and fulfill the needs of customers. Nokia was one of the greatest mobile phone companies that created durable Nokia keypad all mobiles. There are tons of different ones that you can choose from. However, the keypad mobile is not in the world today. It has been lost as it did not meet the demands of users. In modern times and for a long time, touchscreen mobiles have come into play. There are some great touch screen mobile phones as well of Nokia but, they do not live up to the hype due to the downfall of Nokia. 

Explore different Nokia keypad all mobiles 

There are various phones that you can get your hands on today. However, if you are still looking for a keypad mobile phone then Nokia is surely the best choice. These mobile phones are durable and stay with you for a long time. The newer versions of Nokia keypad mobiles have exalted in its range. Hence, you will find some great mobile options when surfing through the choices of Nokia. Some of the best ones are listed below. 

Nokia NK 5710 

The Nokia NK 5710 or Nokia 5710 Express Audio is one of the greatest keypad mobiles that you will ever get. With the launch of this phone, Nokia tried to gain back the power that it had but it could not set up with the latest records, and users were attracted to screen phones. The Nokia NK 5710 has a unique feature which is seen in this phone. There are integrated TWS earbuds that are placed within the phone. 

Hence, you can get these earbuds from the top section of the phone while the bottom part has a charging pot. However, the phone does have a built-in charging case for the wireless earbuds that are placed within the phone. You can easily connect the earbuds to the phone and enjoy listening to all the music. This Nokia keypad all mobiles has been a great introduction to the series which a lot of people enjoyed as well. 

Nokia 130 

The Nokia 130 is also one of Nokia keypad all mobiles and it was released on 24-09-01. It has a single sim and the weight of the phone is 68.6 grams. This phone is a normal keypad phone which does not have as many features as the Nokia NK 5710 but it was one of the best ones. The screen is protected with corning gorilla glass and the memory stands at 4 MB. 

It does not have a front camera or a front flash. The phone does not support video recording. However, it does have a back camera and allows back video recording. The Bluetooth of this phone works well and it has a FM radio as well. 

Nokia 150 (2020)

 The Nokia 150 is a new model that came out in 2020. It has a dual sim. One of the sims is a mini sim and the other is a dual stand-by. The weight of the phone is 90.5 grams. This Nokia keypad all mobiles has a Bluetooth connection and has a radio. The design of this phone is also made to match the aesthetic of modern-day looks. 

Hence, it has a sleek cover and a good overall look which helps to attract customers. 

Nokia 105 plus 

With 4MB RAM and a 1.77-inch display, the Nokia 105 Plus is a good alternative to many keypad mobiles. The battery power of this phone is 1000 mAh and it was released in 2023. It comes with a dual SIM and the operating system of this device is S30 Plus. It also has a memory card slot with a removable battery. 

The prices of keypad Nokia mobile 

There are different nokia all keypad mobile price in Pakistan and while most of them are cheap, some Nokia keypad all mobiles can range to the expensive side as well. Hence, you can get a wide range of prices, especially on the newer models that have arrived. 

Nokia's manufacturing of keypad mobile phones is still on going as some people use them to this day. Pakistan has a diverse range of mobile phone aesthetics which sometimes requires people to get keypad phones. Hence, they are mainly used as a second backup phone to keep a sim or for children. 

The prices of the above-listed Nokia keypad all mobiles are given below:

Nokia Nk 5710 - Rs. 19,800

Nokia 130 - Rs 8,499

Nokia 105 (2020) - Rs 9,499

Nokia 105 plus - Rs 6,499

Hence, these are the above listed Nokia all mobile price keypad. They range due to the features that the mobiles provide as well as the newly released mobile phones have a higher price. Some of the old versions are low in price because of the outdated operating software and limited features available. Therefore, you can always search for the right Nokia keypad all mobiles for you. There are plenty of various options that you can easily work with. Moreover, these phones are also easy to carry around and come with great color density. 


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